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The Red and Yellow Machine

Another great outcome, here is a story from Mase when we had the red and yellow machine while the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter was on maintenance. Back in the day when Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson Helping Hands & Gibbons Naylor were on the nose, how time has changed…

In mid-October I was making the most of my free time mountain biking up at Codgers before our first baby was due in December. I was under strict instructions from the Wife not to ‘do anything stupid’ … to be fair I wasn’t doing anything stupid when I had my accident (I had already done all that!!).

I thought I would just take one easy cruise down Furball before heading home. I don’t know what happened but I got bucked off and ended up over the handlebars. My bike ended up on the top track and I rolled down through the trees and fell down about 4m onto the track below. I thought I had just 

winded myself and was giving myself a few minutes to recover before I planned to walk back to my bike. Luckily Kelly, a local physio, came across me and convinced me getting up wasn’t a good idea and called for help! The next call I had to make was to the wife, I told her I had little accident!! Super grateful to the rescue chopper crew who got me down off the hill with a shattered/crushed L1 vertebrae. It was 10 weeks before I was even able to sit on a bike again so I would have been completely stuffed without the rescue crew!!



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