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Help us save you

The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter has been here for rural communities since our inception in 1991. More often than not, the difference between life and death is determined by the time it takes to receive emergency medical attention and we pride ourselves on providing a fast acting service from anywhere, anytime.

There are many ways to show your support for the Rescue Helicopter in our community. If you are a rural farmer with little time to volunteer, why not graze one of our ‘Chopper Calves’ on our behalf (Grow), or donate one of your livestock (Give).

Pledging as little as one animal per year can help the rescue helicopter continue to be on-call when things get rough in the rural sector.

Grow one of our Chopper Calves on our behalf

We’re partnering with PGG Wrightson to help save your whanau, friends and neighbours and you can help!

It’s simple, you can offer to raise one or more of our ‘Chopper Calves’ along with your own herd, under normal farming practices for 1-2 years.

PGG Wrightson will purchase the calves on your behalf and on sale, the proceeds will go directly to our vital rescue service.

Email [email protected] if you want to get on board.

Give (Pledge) your own livestock


Help us save lives in Marlborough and Tasman. Pledge your livestock this season and give back to your community. Our vital service needs people like you to help us save lives.

To pledge your livestock this season, please fill out the form by clicking on the button below. If you have any questions or need more information, please call Paula on (03) 547 7278 or email [email protected]

Otherwise, if you would like to give a donation click on the other button below. Thanks!

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