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53 Missions for the Month of February

53 Missions for the Month of February, check them out. If you were one of those 53 missions and would like to share your story, please direct message us, we would love to hear from you.

1 February 2021Durville IslandMedical Emergency
1 February 2021Nelson HospitalHospital Transfer
1 February 2021Awaroa Lodge ATNPOutdoor Accident
1 February 2021Wairau HospitalHospital Transfer
2 February 2021Nelson HospitalHospital Transfer
3 February 2021CliftonOutdoor Accident
5 February 2021Double BayOutdoor Accident
6 February 2021TapaweraMedical Emergency
6 February 2021Goulter TrackOutdoor Accident
6 February 2021MotuekaMedical Emergency
6 February 2021Golden Bay Medical CentreOutdoor Accident
7 February 2021Durville IslandMedical Emergency
7 February 2021Nelson HospitalInter-Hospital Transfer
7 February 2021Ghost Lake Hut, OGROutdoor Accident
7 February 2021Kaiteriteri – Camp GroundOutdoor Accident
8 February 2021RiwakaMedical Emergency
8 February 2021Tararua Forest ParkOutdoor Accident
8 February 2021PakawauOutdoor Accident
8 February 2021Wairau HospitalMedical Emergency
9 February 2021Kaiteriteri bike parkOutdoor Accident
10 February 202189 Awaroa InletMedical Emergency
11 February 2021Nelson HospitalHospital Transfer
12 February 2021Collingwood areaMedical Emergency
12 February 2021James Mackay HutOutdoor Accident
12 February 2021James Mackay HutOutdoor Accident
13 February 2021Waitaria Bay Marlborough SoundsMedical Emergency
13 February 2021Richmond RangesOutdoor Accident
13 February 2021Portage, Marlborough SoundsMotor Vehicle Accident
13 February 2021Kohatu JunctionMotor Vehicle Accient
15 February 2021Admiralty BayOutdoor Accident
15 February 2021Golden Bay Medical CentreHospital Transfer
17 February 2021Richmond RangeOutdoor Accident
18 February 2021CanvastownMotor Vehicle Accident
18 February 2021Nydia LodgeMedical Emergency
19 February 2021Takaka SchoolOutdoor Accident
18 February 2021John Tait HutSearch and Rescue
18 February 2021Golden Bay Medical CentreOutdoor Accident
19 February 2021Golden Bay Medical CentreMedical Emergency
20 February 2021Shenandoah HighwayMotor Vehicle Accident
20 February 2021Tennyson Lake AreaSearch and Rescue
21 February 2021Resolute BayMotor Vehicle Accident
22 February 2021Wairau HospitalHospital Transfer
22 February 2021PupongaOutdoor Accident
22 February 2021Lake TennysonMedical Emergency
23 February 2021Waitata BayOutdoor Accident
24 February 2021Waimatete BayOutdoor Accident
24 February 2021Rai ValleyOutdoor Accident
25 February 2021Wairau HospitalMedical Emergency
26 February 2021Admiralty BayMedical Emergency
26 February 2021Tarn HutOutdoor Accident
26 February 2021TapaweraMedical Emergency
26 February 2021TadmorOutdoor Accident
28 February 2021Pohara Beach, Golden BayMedical Emergency

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