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43 missions for the month of March

43 missions for the month of March, check them out. If you were one of those 43 missions and would like to share your story, please direct message us, we would love to hear from you.

1 Mar: Takaka Hospital, Medical, Respritory Illness
1 Mar: Saxton Hut, Beacon Search, Medical Emergency
1 Mar: Owen River, Motor Vehicle Accident
2 Mar: Westport Hospital, Chest Infection
4 Mar: Apple Tree Bay, Fractured Ankle
5 Mar: Cleopatras Pool, Abel Tasman, Dislocated Shoulder
6 Mar: Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency
7 Mar: Takaka Hospital, Brain Bleed
7 Mar: Gridion Shelter, Beacon Search
8 Mar: Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency
9 Mar: Lower Moutere, Motor Vehicle Accident, Multi Trauma
9 Mar: Nydia Bay, Crush Injury
9 Mar: Endeavour Inlet, Broken Arm
10 Mar: Wairau Hospital, STEMI
11 Mar: Takaka Hospital, Head Laceration &Arm Injury
13 Mar: Lewis Hut, Turn Back Due Weather
13 Mar: Anchorage, Collapse
15 Mar: Westport Hospital, Medical Emergency
16 Mar: Squally Cove, Broken Arm
17 Mar: Stanley Brook, Anaphylaxis
17 Mar: Marahau, Chest Pain
18 Mar: Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency
19 Mar: Nelson Hospital, Medical Emergency
19 Mar: Moetapu Bay, Cardiac Chest Pain
20 Mar: Richmond Foot Hills, Mountain Bike Fall
21 Mar: Nelson Hospital, Burns to Fingers
22 Mar: Waihopai Valley, Quad Bike Roll Over
22 Mar: Takaka Hospital, Cardiac
22 Mar: Granity Pass Hut, Rib / Liver Injury
22 Mar: Nelson Hospital, Finger Deglove
23 Mar: Anatori, Motor Vehicle Accident, Hand Injury
23 Mar: Flora Saddle, Collapse
23 Mar: Karamea, Cardiac
23 Mar: Patarau/Anatori Rivers, ATV Crash
24 Mar: Hodder River, Beacon Search, Knee Injury
24 Mar: Tadmor, Gunshot Injury
24 Mar: Nelson Hospital, Medical Transfer
28 Mar: Takaka Hospital, Fall, Concussion
28 Mar: Tapawera, Chest Pain
29 Mar: Wairau Hospital, STEMI
30 Mar: Cleopatras Pool, Abel Tasman, Beacon Search, Dislocated Shoulder
31 Mar: Duncan Bay, Traumatic Brain Injury
31 Mar: Ghost Road, Cardiac Arrest

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