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39 Missions for the Month of May

39 Missions for the Month of May, check them out. If you were one of those 39 missions and would like to share your story, please direct message us, we would love to hear from you.

1 May: Nelson Mountain Bike Trails, Outdoor Accident

1 May: Heaphy River – Heaphy Track, Outdoor Accident

2 May:  Upper Travers Hut, Nelson Lakes, Medical Emergency

2 May: Nelson Hospital, inter-Hospital Transfer

3 May: Ngakawau, Medical Emergency

4 May: Nelson Hospital, Inter-Hospital Transfer

5 May: Golden Bay, Medical Emergency

6 May: Okiwi Bay, Medical Emergency

6 May: Pohara, Medical Emergency

7 May: Tadmor, Outdoor Accident

7 May: Omaka, Mission Stood Down

8 May: Motueka Medical Emergency

10 May: Wairau, Medical Emergency

10 May: Specimen Point Hut, Outdoor Accident

12 May: Awaroa, Outdoor Accident

14 May: Waikawa Bay, Medical Emergency

14 May: Wairau Valley, Medical Emergency

16 May: Nelson Hospital, Inter-Hospital Transfer

16 May: Cape Palliser, Search &Rescue

16 May: Cape Palliser, Search &Rescue

16 May: Mount Arthur, Track Outdoor Accident

17 May: Blenheim, Medical Emergency

18 May: Picton, Medical Emergency

19 May: Wairau Hospital, Inter-Hospital Transfer

20 May: Karamea Medical Centre, Inter-Hospital Transfer

20 May: Collingwood Area, Motor Vehicle Accident

20 May: Golden Bay, Motor Vehicle Accident

21 May: Nelson Hospital, Inter-Hospital Transfer

21 May: Tapawera, Medical Emergency

21 May:  Owen River, Outdoor Accident

23 May: Heaphy Track, Search and Rescue

23 May: Hanmer Springs, Outdoor Accident

24 May: Tapawera, Accident

25 May: Maitakitaki Watson Creek Route, Search and Rescue

26 May: The Barracks, Medical Emergency

27 May:  Karamea, Medical Emergency

28 May: Spring Creek, Motor Vehicle Accident

31 May: Nelson, Mission Stood Down

31 May: Murchison, Medical Emergency

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