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39 Missions for the Month of February

39 Missions for the Month of February, check them out. If you were one of those 39 missions and would like to share your story, please direct message us, we would love to hear from you.

1 Feb: Takaka, Medical Emergency

2 Feb: Tapawera, Medical Emergency

2 Feb: Wangapeka, Beacon

2 Feb: Mt Robert, Medical Emergency

3 Feb: Tarakohe, Outdoor Accident

3 Feb: InterHospital Transfer

4 Feb: Interhospital Transfer

7 Feb: Waihopai Valley, Beacon

8 Feb: Maruia, Medical Emergency

8 Feb: Motupiko, Outdoor Accident

9 Feb: Anaweka River, Beacon

10 Feb: Red Hills, Beacon

10 Feb: Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency

11 Feb: Gowan Valley, Medical Emergency

11 Feb: Takaka Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

12 Feb: Westport, Medical Emergency

13 Feb: Ngatamoti, Outdoor Accident

13 Feb: Graham Valley, Medical Emergency

15 Feb: Nelson Lakes, Outdoor Accident

15 Feb: Tapuae O Uenuku Scenic Reserve, Outdoor Accident

17 Feb: Tapuae O Uenuku Scenic Reserve, Outdoor Accident

17 Feb: Bay of Many Coves, Medical Emergency

19 Feb: Spencer Mountains, Outdoor Accident

19 Feb: Stern Valley Hut, Outdoor Accident

20 Feb: Rai Saddle, Motor Vehicle Accident

20 Feb: Clarence, Medical Emergency

20 Feb: Havelock, Motor Vehicle Accident

21 Feb: Hira, Motor Vehicle Accident

23 Feb: Woodbourne, Medical Emergency

23 Feb: Upper Takaka, Outdoor Accident

23 Feb: Anchorage, Outdoor Accident

24 Feb: St Arnaud, Outdoor Accident

26 Feb: Richmond Ranges, Outdoor Accident

27 Feb: Upper Moutere, Medical Emergency

28 Feb: Interhospital Transfer

28 Feb: Slivan Forest Mountain Bike Park, Outdoor Accident

28 Feb: Pakawau, Medical Emergency

29 Feb: Motueka, Medical Emergency

29 Feb: St Arnaud, Outdoor Accident

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