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30 Missions for the Month of April

30 Missions for the Month of April, check them out. If you were one of those 30 missions and would like to share your story, please direct message us, we would love to hear from you.

1 Apr: Big River, Beacon Search
4 Apr: Kaikoura Hospital, Medical Emergency
5 Apr: Westport Hospital, Medical Emergency
6 Apr: Collingwood, Abdominal Pain
9 Apr: Nelson Return, Medical Emergency
11 Apr: Nelson Return, Medical Transfer
13 Apr: Picton, Medical Emergency
13 Apr: Wairau Bar, Lower Back/Hip Injury
13 Apr: Hurunui, Medical Emergency
14 Apr: Wairau Hospital, STEMI
14 Apr: Murchison Hospital, STEMI
14 Apr: Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency
14 Apr: Karamea Medical, Concussion
15 Apr: McKay Hut (Heaphy), Beacon Search
16 Apr: Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency
16 Apr: Okiwi Bay, Cardiac Emergency
19 Apr: Takaka Hospital, Leg Laceration
20 Apr: Murchison Hospital, Cardiac Emergency
20 Apr: Anakoha Bay, Lower Back Pain
21 Apr: Whanganui Inlet, Medical Emergency
22 Apr: West Sabine Hut, Medical Emergency
22 Apr: Anatori, Fractured Clavicle
24 Apr: Anchorage, Medical Emergency
25 Apr: Starveall Hut, Lower Leg Injury
26 Apr: Wairau Hospital, Acute Renal Failure
27 Apr: Westport, Vehicle Accident
28 Apr: Baton Valley, Equestrian Accident
28 Apr: Howard Valley, Lower Leg Injury
28 Apr: Kaiteriteri, Clavicle Fracture
28 Apr: Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency 

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